Elektroninių knygų skaityklės

Šiame puslapyje rasite elektronines knygų skaitykles. Taip pat rekomenduojame paskaityti apžvalgas šiame puslapyje: http://www.the-ebook-reader.com/

  • Pocketbook Touch HD 2 black

  • (Gamintojas: Pocketbook, lit: 7640152094651)
  • SMARTligh for harmonious reading day and night Along with perfect screen characteristics and audio functions the new PocketBook Touch HD 2 features SMARTlight guaranteeing a smooth light balance for harmonious reading day and night. ...... Daugiau...
  • PocketBook Touch Lux 3 Dark Grey

  • (Gamintojas: Pocketbook, lit: 7640152092220)
  • Lux style reading! PocketBook presents the new follower of the legendary bestseller PocketBook Touch Lux - PocketBook Touch Lux 2. The new model will open a new level of freedom for the devoted admirers of electronic reading. ... Daugiau...