Translation Today: National Identity in Focus New edition [Kietas viršelis]

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Kitos knygos pagal šią temą:
The book aims to present a comprehensive palette of new approaches and diverse topics in the field of Translation Studies, and specifically discuss various issues correlated with the notion and elements of national identity and their translation. The collection of seventeen selected chapters is intended for researchers, scholars, academics, professional translators and other specialists in the field who direct their attention and practice towards some popular and niche research areas and scientific interests.
Symbols in folk tales - Precedent names in translation - Translating culture-bound nonce words - Simile in translation - Semiosis in translation - Polymodality of military-political narration - Translation strategies in the context of modern cross-cultural communication - Globalization, localization and national identity in translation - Varieties of English and ELF in translation - Ukrainian-Latin transliteration - Future of the translation profession - Translator training - Film and its translation - Humor translation in cyberspace - Parody translation analysis - Translation of evaluative forms from Spanish to Latvian
Michal Organ, PhD, is an assistant professor at the Department of Translation Theory in the Institute of English Studies, University of Rzeszow (Poland). His main research interests include audiovisual translation, humour translation, censorship and manipulation in translation, unofficial translation, translation of tourist information texts and CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools.