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Springer eBooks

Springer eBooks is the largest collection of STM (Science / Technology / Medicine) books online.
  • Critical content dating back to the 1840s
  • Perpetual access
  • No DRM (Digital Rights Management)
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Over 145,000 eBooks available
  • Thousands of new eBooks, eReferences and eBook Series titles every year.



SpringerImages is a comprehensive collection of over 5 million scientific and medical images. Scientific research has become progressively more focused on raw data and visual forms of learning and communication. These visuals come in many different forms, ranging from charts and graphs to high-quality photos. SpringerImages spans science, technology and medicine in 18 subject collections with over 5 million photos, graphs, histograms, tables and more.

Springer zbMATH

Springer’s zbMATH  is the most complete and longest running reviewing service in MATH.

zbMATH, well-known under its former name Zentralblatt MATH, contains more than 3 million entries drawn from more than 3,500 journals, 1,100 series and currently about 170,000 books, with coverage across mathematics, statistics, computer sciences and the applications of these disciplines in engineering, physics, and the life sciences. Reviews are currently written by more than 6,500 experts from all over the world, and around 120,000 new items were added in 2012. It covers the period from 1868 - in some cases from 1826 - to the present.


SpringerMaterials is the world’s largest and most comprehensive research platform dedicated to information on materials, their properties and uses. It encompasses all volumes of Landolt-Börnstein New Series, the largest and most respected compilation of data in physics and chemistry founded in 1883, along with a number of unique and specialized databases.

Key Facts

  • A comprehensive database that covers the physical and chemical properties in Materials Science
  • All content is critically reviewed by 1000+ external experts in the relevant fields!
  • The database contains the complete Landolt-Börnstein New Series, which spans from particles, atoms and nuclei to multi-phase systems.
  • SpringerMaterials employs an intuitive and efficient search system that ranks data based on metadata relevance and full text search. Also browse for element systems using the periodic table, draw chemical structures and substructures!
  • Complete bibliographic data is provided, along with links to the original content.
  • Quarterly updates to the database, with new books added, databases acquired and updated



SpringerProtocols is the world's most comprehensive collection of tested, trusted life sciences protocols. Protocols are step-by-step procedure “recipes” organized in a standardized format that can be executed in a controlledlaboratory environment. Available through springerprotocols.com as well as link.springer.com, libraries and corporations can offer their patrons online access to high quality, reviewed protocols instantly from multiple locations, including library, office, home, and on the go. Springer Protocols



SpringerReference offers reference works that are published at the pace of scientific discovery. It is:
  • A World-Class Collection of Living eReferences
  • Top Quality, Constantly Updated and Peer Reviewed
  • All eReferences, Including Those in Production, on One Platform