Ebook Central

EBL (Ebook Library) is very flexible and with multiple options e-book lending platform. it can be used by big libraries as well as smaller organisations, research institutions or companies. Main features of the EBL are:

  • Massive selection of e-books. Over 800 000 English e-books from leading international publishers.
  • Ebooks can be read online and can be downloaded to computers and portable ereading devices.
  • Ebooks can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users (multi-concurrent access)
  • E-Books can be purchased title-by-title (no minimum quantity). No big yearly subscription costs of collections where may also be titles which patrons are not really interested. After paying one time price of ebook it will belong to library forever.
  • E-books can be accessed for by pay-per-view model with lower prices (STL - short term loan).
  • Demand-driven acquisition possibilities
  • All the books can be browsed online free of charge before making loan or purchase.
  • Flexible reporting, administration and authentication possibilities.
  • Free of charge MARC records for integration with libraries OPAC systems.

Demand-Driven Acquisition

E-books have several advantages as compared to physical books. They are available almost instantly and usually it is possible to see the content of e-books before making purchase decision. Library can give access to its patrons to unlimited number of the titles, and library will pay for these only when patron really needs the book. There is no more need for libraries to use sophisticated acquisition methods (approval plans etc) to preselect the titles which patron may be interested in, and they can let the patrons to make the selection themselves. It will guarantee that library budget won't be spent on title which nobody needs, as each book will get at least one use.

EBL offers above mentioned system where library patrons will get access to wide selection of titles and patrons can freely brows these titles at least 5 minutes. If patron finds that e-book interesting, then he/she just keeps on reading and loan will be recorded for the library. This process can be automatic, or more under library control where each such loan should be confirmed by librarian. One day loan usually costs 10-15% of book's list price. Library can also specify that if there has been 2-3 short term loans the title will be automatically purchased for the library, and there is no additional costs for this e-book in the future. Basically it means that without any initial cost library will have virtual bookshelves which would have not been possible with tranditional physical books.

How to start?

If you want more information about EBL, or want to set up a free trial access with all the features and title selection, then please let us know.