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Hart Publishing eBook Collections for Libraries

Hart has been in the business of publishing law books since 1996, and has been publishing ebooks since 2006. In that time they have built up a list of over 800 ebook titles, many of which are now to be found in law libraries around the world. Their titles are recognised for their high academic quality, and have been awarded many prizes, including numerous citations for outstanding legal scholarship.

Hart Publishing titles are currently made available as ebooks roughly 5-6 months after publication of the print book.

Libraries may select their ebook collections:

(1) By year of publication

(2) On a pick and choose basis - Libraries can also tailor-make their own collections based on any criteria they wish - by subject, by date, by series or simply by titles required. Collections must consist of 25 books or more.

(3) Entire list (to end 2014)

The Platform

Our eBooks are available on the ebook Collections platform, hosted by the Ebook Corporation.

This is a well-designed and user-friendly platform which offers:
  • Concurrent access for multiple users based on IP authentication
  • Perpetual access
  • Full text search
  • MARC records
  • COUNTER-compliant usage statistics

Digital Right Management (DRM)

  • Copying - each reader can copy 5% of the book every 30 days
  • Printing - each reader can print the entire book once (one page at a time), then 20% every 30 days.
(Įrašykite pavadinimą ar jo dalį, autorių ar ISBN)